Hard to believe, but the Snuffle dog beer has been around for more than 10 years. The idea was born at a terrace after a long walk, with the question; Why can we enjoy a cold beer and our favorite four-legged friend only get a bowl of tap water? With these thoughts in mind, we set to work and created the Snuffle dog beer, a refreshing drink for dogs. From now on your dog can enjoy it while you drink a fresh beer together.

Our mission: give every dog the chance to taste and enjoy the reward he deserves: Snuffle Dog Beer. We already served more than 1 million dogs (and still counting) around the world.

After the success of the dog beer, we expanded our range with playful snacks such as: Dog Fries, Dog Popcorn, Dog Sushi,… .All our snacks are ready to eat, just open the bag and serve the delicious treat to your dog. You can check our whole product range in our webshop.

The last expand of our product range is the steamed sausages. We rated a sausage that contains a whopping 92% meat and is comparably the best sausage on the market.
You can easy slice the steamed sausages into small pieces and serve it as a snack. It’s also possible to serve it as a whole meal. Because of the high meat value dogs love these sausages.

Who knows what the future will bring us.

Alright, it’s time for a Snuffle, isn’t it? Cheers!
Or as they say doggy-style: Wouf!!