Is Snuffle Dog Beer healthy?

The Snuffle dog beer consists of 98.5% water, the remaining 1.5% are meat and malt extracts for the color and taste.

The beer is therefore very healthy, contrary to what the name suggests. We have 2 flavors in our products range:
Chicken (Yellow)
Mixed: Chicken + Beef (Red)

Does the Snuffle dog beer contain alcohol?

No, there is 0% alcohol in a Snuffle dog Beer.
The Snuffle dog beer consists of 98.5% water, the remaining 1.5% are natural extracts for the color and taste.

Is there fizz in the Snuffle dog beer?
No, there is no fizz in Snuffle dog beer.
How to serve Snuffle dog beer?
Serve at room temperature.
Shake before use.
After opening keep it for maximum 48 hrs. in the refrigerator.
Don’t serve to puppies under 3 months.
Can I add a Snuffle dog beer to dry food?
Yes, you can add a Snuffle dog beer to dry food.
It will give the food more flavor.
Can my dog drink a whole bottle?
Small dog (example: maltese) drinks a half to a full bottle in one go.
Medium dog (example: Labrador) empties a bottle in one go.
Large dog (example: great dane) drinks about 2 bottles in one go.
Can my dog drink too much Snuffle dog beer?
Each day a tasty and healthy Snuffle dog beer (25cl) is ideal.
Depending on the size we recommend not to give more than the following each day:
Small dog (example: maltese) 1 dog beer 25cl
Medium dog (example: Labrador) 1 dog beer 25cl
Large dog (example: great dane) 2 dog beer 25cl
Can I serve Snuffle dog beer when my dog is ill?
Certainly, your dog will however not get cured, it’s not a medicine but a healthy treat.
Do cats also drink Snuffle dog beer?
A cat can also drink a snuffle dog beer.
however cats are not as known for drinking a lot as dogs.
Are the Snuffle snacks healthy?
All our snacks contain a high value of the natural product, almost no preservatives have been added.
Do I need to bake the Snuffle dog fries?
No, you don’t need to bake the Snuffle dog fries.
All the Snuffle snacks are ready to eat, just open the bag and serve it to your dog.
How come that the steamed sausages are so high in meat value?
As with all our products, we try to keep the natural product as high in value as possible, by adding as few preservatives and binders as possible.
Are the steamed sausages a snack or whole food?
You can easy slice the steamed sausages into small pieces and serve it as a snack.
It’s also possible to serve it as a whole meal.
What are the compositions of the Snuffle drinks and snacks?
You can find all the compositions in the description of the corresponding product on our webshop.
What is the preservability of the Snuffle products?
Check the expiring date on the label from your Snuffle products.
We always try to deliver our products with a minimum of 9 months on the label.
How long can I keep the Snuffle products after opening?
Dog beer: 48hrs in refrigerator.
Dog snacks: all the snacks have a resealable grip. As long you reseal it well, you can serve it to one month after opening the package.
Steamed sausages: reseal in tray or foil; 72hrs in refrigerator.
Do you ship to the UK?
Sadly, because of the Brexit we don’t ship to the UK.
The transportation and custom costs are too high compared to the value of our products.
You can buy our products via a reseller; you can find the information of the reseller on the tab resellers.
What are the transportation costs?

You can find the transportation costs via following tab: Transportation costs

Do you ship outside Europe?

For small amounts we don’t ship outside Europe. Via our tab reseller you can find a list of resellers where you can buy our products.
If your country is not in this list, it means we don’t have a reseller in your country yet.

How can I become a reseller?
Nice to hear you are interested in our Snuffle products.
You can send an email to orders@snuffledogworld.com
We try to reply within 24h. with more information on how to become a reseller.
Can I promote Snuffle products as an influencer?
For influencers we work together with petsfluence.
You can sign up via follow link: www.petsfluence.com/influencer
After you have signed up, petsfluence will advise us after a decent account audit and will contact you if we are in need of influencers and maybe they pick you to promote our Snuffle products.

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If the FAQ page doesn’t answer your question or if you need additional support, please contact us so one of our representatives can personally help you. We try to reply within 24 hours.