Delicious Box
Fish & Chips

12,00 (VAT incl.)

9,92 (VAT excl.)

One Big Box Serving Friendship.
What A Great Gift For Your Four-legged Friend.

Do you want something different from the traditional dog food?
This package contains two meals. Ideal for giving your dog something different.

In this package includes:
1x Dog beer Chicken Can 25cl.
2x Fish 50gr.
2x Crispy sweet potato 40gr
2x Sauce 12gr.

Also an ideal gift for your favorite four-legged friend.

Fish 2x 50gr.: Fish 36%, Chicken 36%, Vegetable protein 3%, Corn Starch 25%
Crispy sweet potato x 40gr.: Sweet Potato 94% (Sweet Potato Starch 13%), Vegetable Oil 6%
Sauce 2x 12gr.: Salmon 30%, Chicken 15%, Corn Starch 5%, Xanthan gum 0,3%, Water 49,7%
Dog beer Chicken Can 1x 25cl.: vegetable protein extracts and mold extracts 0,5%, meat and animal derivatives, 1% chicken, Water 98,5%, Alcohol 0%

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