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Delicous Box 15 (choose your taste)

99.22 (VAT incl.)

€ 82.00 (VAT excl.)

15 Delicious Boxes in one box with one can Snuffle Dogbeer, one bag of fries and extra’s. The package can be made a combination if you want of just one plain taste: choose between chicken and chips taste, fish and chips taste and hamburger and chips taste.

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15 Delicious Boxes packed in one big box serving friendship. What a great gift for your friend. A Delicious Box contains one can of Snuffle Dog Beer, one bag of Fries and some extra's. The 15 packages is your unique chance to mix our three great tastes. You get 5 Delicious Boxes with a can of chicken and chips taste, 5 Delicous Boxes with a can of fish and chips taste and 5 Delicious Boxes with a can of hamburger and chips taste. Go for it and make your best friend(s) happy!

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15 items chicken and chips, 15 items fish and chips, 15 items hamburger and chips, 5 items of each taste: 5 chicken and chips – 5 fish and chips – 5 hamburger and chips